Submission Guidelines

    You may enter up to one piece in each of the four divisions.  

    • Short Fiction – up to about 5000 five thousand words in any genre except erotica.
    • Short Non-Fiction – up to about five thousand words on any topic.
    • Flash / Micro Fiction –  must not exceed 1000 words and must tell a complete story ie. Not an excerpt from a longer piece.
    • Poetry – Must not exceed 1500 words.

    All submissions will be published providing the following

    • Submissions are only allowed by our members.
    • Submissions must be sent electronically. Paper submissions will not be included and will not be returned.
    • All work is subject to editorial review. Editors may or may not provide feedback and reserve the right to suggest minor corrections.
    • All work is subject to our community standards.
    • We reserve the right to refuse any work, authors of any refused pieces may or may not be informed of the refusal at our sole discretion.
    • You must own the copyright to your work. 
    • Submissions that have been published elsewhere are allowed. 

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