Community Guidelines

Community Spirit

The goals of The Wordsmith Collective online community (WoCo) are manifold.

First – We want to foster communication among writers and those who support writers. We understand writing can be a lonely pursuit, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you need someone to bounce ideas off of, are looking for an accountability buddy, or hope to find collaborators, we are confident you will find it here. Of course, you can always just make a friend or two.

Second – Writers at all levels can showcase their work, and if desired receive valuable feedback.

Third – We provide tools and resources to help writers learn, grow, and succeed. Members are invited to share their knowledge and experience with other writers.

Fourth – Professionals in the publishing industry and other pursuits which writers rely on can participate and offer services. Writers can be confident that these professional are vetted and transactions are monitored for compliance with our rules.

General Content Policy    

For the sake of clarification, the word content is taken to mean any text posted in our online communities or submissions to our anthologies as well as comments and other online interactions on our platform.  

We welcome content of all types across all genres except erotica. 

We do not allow pornographic images or those which could be deemed offensive to a reasonable person.   

We have an absolute zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination, bullying, harassment, and doxing.  

We assume you hold the rights to the content you are posting and we have an absolute zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism or copyright violations.  Content determined to be plagiarized or which violates copyright will be removed immediately and the person who posted the content will be banned if the violation is deemed intentional.  We will cooperate fully with authorities in investigations of copyright infringement or plagiarism.    
Your membership here along with any content you may provide as well as your interactions are not subject to free speech laws of any sort. We reserve the right to remove any content we deem to be in violation of these standards and to ban and block users who we do not feel are acting in the best interest of the collective. no membership dues or other fees will be refunded.        

Controversial Topics

Our community is designed for adults and for writers of all types. With few exceptions and except in extreme cases we do not restrict or discourage content which includes controversial political or religious topics, or which contains mature themes or adult language. 

We reserve the right to flag or to ask the content provider to flag content which may be mature in nature or which deals with topics others may find offensive. We sometimes flag content only to warn others we do not restrict access to it.  
Please keep in mind that WoCo is NOT  meant to be a political forum nor a place to evangelize your religious beliefs.

Community Standards

We are a diverse group and we welcome members from all over the planet. Participants in our community are all stages of their writing journey. Some may not have written a word while others may have published multiple books. All members are asked to keep these guidelines in mind as they participate. Violations of our community standards, especially if repeated can result in removal and or being banned from the community.

  1. Above all, be nice.

    Do not attack or post negative information about others ever.

    While writers may ask for a critique of their work, this is not an invitation to be negative. 

  2. Be an adult.
    Due to our content policies, we require that members be over the age of eighteen.

    We also ask that you act like an adult in your interaction with others. 
  3. Be real  

    You can take this one literally. We ask that you use your real name or a pen name in our community. Content which is posted under what seems to be an alias may be considered spam by our moderators and be subject to removal.   

    We require membership for participation in the community in order to help protect from bots.    

  4. Be a good citizen

    Please do not litter the community with spam messages, memes or cute pictures that are not related to writing in some way. 

    Although relevant links are allowed in comments they may subject the content to the scrutiny of our moderators and may delay the appearance of your comment in our forum.  

  5. Be constructive

    Remember that we are all at different points in our journey and we each deal with criticism in our own way.  All criticism should be  geared toward improving the writing and advancing the writer.

    When posting a critique ask yourself if your comments and suggestions will make the work better and/or help the writer grow. 

    Example – Pointing out an improper homophone or suggesting a stronger word choice is wonderful, telling the person to go back to school is not. 
    Remember that you are offering a critique of a written work NOT of someone else’s critique. If you think another member has given bad advices say so but only if you also explain why you think that advice is wrong. 

    Comments and other interactions in the community should be similarly constructive.  

    Example – Letting a person know you disagree with them on a point is fine calling them an idiot or otherwise personally attacking them is prohibited.  
  6. Be respectful 

    Just because you disagree with someone does not mean their opinion is invalid. 

    You may encounter content which you disagree with or offends you. If you feel the content violates our community standards please let us know why you feel so. Otherwise, move on. We do not tolerate flaming, negativity or encouraging others to give bad reviews. Members engaging in such activity will likely be removed without warning.    

  7. Be considerate


    Give credit where credit is due. Please properly attribute quotes and links, pictures the original creator.    

  8.  Be accurate  

    We are committed to providing accurate information to the WoCo community.

    Members who post non-fiction content which contains obvious factual inaccuracies may be challenged to provide true information or to remove the article.  

    A moment spent researching prior to posting is time well spent  

  9. Be proactive 

    Take responsibility for the quality of the content you provide to the community as well as your interactons with others.  

    Report spam improper advertising and banned commercial activity.  

    Report content which you believe violates these standards, including why you think it does so. 

    Tell people when they post something you appreciate. 

  10.  Be legal 

    Do not post content that is defamatory, plagiarized or violates copyright laws. 

    You are wholly responsible for verifying that pictures you post are your own, are from a free source that does not require attribution or are properly attributed. Posts that contain images which violate this clause will be pulled along with the image.      

      The Wordsmith Collective takes the digital and publication rights of members very seriously. Copyright infringement will not be tolerated. Content which is reported to be in violation of copyright will be pulled without question while an investigation determines if a violation has occurred. 

    We will cooperate fully with authorities investigating copyright violations.